Media Sightings
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National and Major Cable TV Broadcasting Show Appear


Panelist on KBS New Year Special Show “Global Live 2019, World Is” aired Jan 1st, 2019 (Link for Video on Demand)

Panelist on EBS New Year Special  Show “2019 Happier Youth World” aired Jan 1st, 2019 (Link for VOD)

Invited Speech “The Philosophy of Blockchain and the Transformation of Civil Society” at 2018 SBS D Forum hosted by SBS. Nov 2nd, 2018

Main Character of MBC Special Documentary Film “PyeongChang Echo Road of Two Men” aired Mar 19th, 2018 (PyeongChang Winter Olympics Special Documentary)

Broadcasting Interview Show “Future Car: Mobility Revolution” at
Money Today Network (Korean Major Cable TV Channel). Oct 23rd, 2017 (Link for Video On Demand)

Main Character of KBS Lecture+Documentary “Myong Gyon Man Ri (Deep Insight): Geek is the Future” aired Dec 2nd, 2016

Main Panelist of KBS Education Project “Learning is Playing” aired Oct 29th, 2016

Panelist on National Assembly TV show “TV, Visiting Library” aired Jul 29th, 2016

Special Lecture “Game and Brain” at YES Game Talk hosted by OGN
aired May 5th, 2016

Main Guest in talk show “EBS Invitation: Human in Artificial Intelligence Era”
aired May 2nd, 2016

Panelist on “SBS Special: Shock of AlphaGo” aired Mar 20th, 2016

Panelist on KBS Special Live Talk Show “Artificial Intelligence, Can it change the future of human?” aired Mar 13th, 2016

Panelist on KBS Global Information Show Segyein “Virtual Reality” aired Feb 27th, 2016

Special Lecture on HankyorehTV “Future Society co-living with AI and Robots” aired
Dec 7th, 2015

Main Panelist of KBS Lecture+Documentary “Myong Gyon Man Ri (Deep Insight): Artificial Intelligence” aired Nov 5th, 2015


Main Panelist on KBS “Curious Sunday, Jang Young Shil Show!” Series (May 2015 ~ Apr 2016)
Video on Demand
45th Episode “What is science and technology changing the future of human”
43rd Episode “Silent Killer: Fine Dust”
42nd Episode “Space Rockets”
40th Episode “Stem Cells”
39th Episode “Artificial Intelligence: AlphaGo”
37th Episode “Anti-Aging and Telomere”
33rd Episode “Biomimetic Technologies”
29th Episode “The Second Smart Revolution: Wearables”
27th Episode “The 6th Human Organ: Bacteria”
26th Episode “Theory of Relativity”
24th Episode “Virtual Reality”
22nd Episode “Future Car”
21st Episode “Future of Money: Fintech”
18th Episode “Renewable Energy”
15th Episode “Nuclear Power”
10th Episode “Invisible Enemy: Virus”
8th Episode “Future Display”


Panelist and Judge on SBS “Startup Star” aired Jul 3rd to Aug 28th, 2015 (9 episodes)

Panelist on KBS Global Information Show Segyein “4D Printing” aired Jun 27th, 2015

Main Panelist on KBS News with Journalist Cha T-Time “Convergence of IT and Medicine” aired May 28th, 2015

Main Lecture on KBS News Today’s T “Post 2015, Era of Pop Technologies!” aired
Feb 12th, 2015

Special Lecture on YTN Science ‘Apple Tree’ 100th Episode  “SF Film and Reality” aired
Jun 2nd, 2015


KBS 1 Radio Documentary Drama “Matchmakers of Innovation”
aired Oct 2013 to Sep 2014, 251 episodes
Main MC in Every Episode


Special Lecture on YTN ‘Science, Open the Future’ “Drone” aired Nov 13th, 2013  

Main Panelist on skyICT “Smart Show Q” aired Mar 27th, 2013

Panelist on skyICT 1st Anniversary Special Live Smart Show aired Dec 12th, 2012–mzc

Panelist on skyICT “Direct IT Talk Show” Launching Special Episode aired Jun 9th, 2012

Main Panelist on skyICT “Direct IT Talk Show” Series (Aug 2012 ~ Nov 2012)
Video on Demand

Special Lecture on Ohmynews TV “The 4th Fire: Human Energy” aired Jul 31st, 2012

Special Lecture on Ohmynews TV “Offline Business Revolution” aired Aug 1st, 2012


Special Lecture Series on KBS “Information Technology, Changing Paradigm of the World”
aired May 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th (4 episodes) 2011
1st Episode “PC revolution, Meeting with New Philosophy”
2nd Episode “Internet revolution, Falling into Knowledge Society”
3rd Episode “Mobile and Social, Shakening the World”
4th Episode “New Industrial Revolution creating the Future”